#MuseumStory Podcast Surprise!

Posted by Luis | March 3, 2015

We received some crazy cool submissions for #MuseumStory. We won’t be able to feature all of them for the month of March but we handpicked a few that we think would interest museum lovers like yourself.

We also have another surprise for you: a mini podcast series for #MuseumStory. So get your audio jacks ready! There will only be a handful of episodes for March.

I won’t lie, this is an experiment. We believe in impacting lives and everything we do will be because of that belief. If museums become better, more lives are impacted as a result.

By sharing #MuseumStory through a podcast, we hope to inspire museums to become better and find unique ways to impact their visitors and communities.

If you’re part of the awesome KiwiJar community, we’ll send you an email when we release the first episode along with KiwiJar updates (if you’re not and want to be, go to kiwijar.com). We’ll post the episodes on this blog as well.

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #MuseumStory on social media and share the news about this podcast too.

Stay Tuned!