#MuseumStory Podcast Surprise!

Posted by Luis | March 3, 2015

We received some crazy cool submissions for #MuseumStory. We won't be able to feature all of them for the month of March but we handpicked a few that we think would interest museum lovers like yourself.

We also have another surprise for you: a mini podcast series for #MuseumStory. So get your ...

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#MuseumStory: Let’s Talk About Real Impact

Posted by Luis | February 19, 2015

find museums, impact lives

Note: You’ve probably seen this image before. We reused it because it reminds us of people in search of adventure and impact.

We believe in impacting lives. Museums have this belief too.

It’s because of that strong belief that KiwiJar is in route from being an idea to a tangible app...

Our intention is to create a place where we can help people find and connect with museums that were built to impact them. As a result of that connection, we can help museums...

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#MuseumBowl: Art museums bet on Super Bowl

Posted by Luis | January 31, 2015

photo via The Seattle Art Museum

photo via The Seattle Art Museum

Millions of people are prepping for one of America's favorite days: The Super Bowl.

To inform those who don't follow football, the Seattle Seahawks will face the New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLIX tomorrow. If you live in America, you at least know how epic these games are.

But what does the Super Bowl have to do with museums?

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Posted by Luis | December 12, 2014

Photo by Tristan Oliveira via Flickr

This week some of the most influential museum bloggers here in the U.S. put together a joint statement on the recent Ferguson events. KiwiJar did not help create the statement but we gladly share it with our community.

Events like these affect everyone whether we believe it or not. What educational institutions teach and say about recent unfortunate deaths and community protests are crucial to the development of society and even humanity for that matter.

You can read the statement and learn how to contribute below:

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Are museums irrelevant?

Posted by Luis | September 25, 2014

According to a post written by homeschooler and prominent blogger Penelope Trunk, museums are irrelevant. Museum audience insight gurus Reach Advisors confirms that she's no outlier in a recent blog post of theirs.

Most of the comments left on Penelope's post suggest that many others feel the same way. So, are museums as irrelevant as she claims?

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