KiwiJar, museums, and maybe you

Posted by Luis | September 17, 2014

If you’re an art lover, history buff, science nerd, traveler, educator, student or someone who simply loves museums, the KiwiJar app is being built just for you.

KiwiJar will find museums that fit you best

The app will be free and we’re focusing on three areas for the first version. The KiwiJar app will:

  1. Be smart enough to know which museums you’ll like and which ones you won’t. The last thing you want is to visit a museum that is interesting to everyone except you. You’ll be able to search according to your interests along with location and we’ll give you a list of museums that fit you best.
  2. Level the playing field for smaller museums that you’re unaware of. Let’s just face it, some museums have a smaller marketing budget than others. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be interested in them though, right? Those are some the best!
  3. Help museums be better with reviews. Wouldn’t it be nice if a museum got better every time you visited? By leaving reviews, museums can get better and better. You also may be interested in what others have to say about a museum before you visit.

It goes without saying that museums are pretty cool stuff since they educate us about so many things we care about: culture, history, science, and art. Why not create a platform to find and connect with museums that fit us best?

If you haven’t already signed up for the KiwiJar app, you can sign up here.